65/16kV Vorziers

B-Valgrid SA c/o FMV SA planed to build a new 65/16 kV substation in the village of Vorziers in Martigny (Switzerland). The S/S was designed as a two-story building with a cable basement. A 10-field 65 kV air-insulated indoor switchgear was installed on the lower floor and two 16 kV switchgear on the upper floor. A total of five 72.5 kV 1200mm2 Al cable systems were installed between the switchgear and two existing cables and three overhead line transitions. Several parallel 24 kV cables 240mm2 Cu connect the switchgear with two existing 65/16 kV power transformers.

Braavos GmbH prepared the technical specifications for the cable systems, organized the tender, carried out the evaluation and prepared the contract.

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