65/16kV Ackersand - Saas

The 65 kV Saas valley line connects the S/S Ackersand with the S/S Saas and serves to supply the Saas Valley with electrical energy. The line, which was in operation before the new projects, dates from 1958 and has a length of 15.6 km. The original line consisted mainly of wooden poles with 1.3 km section of small lattice poles, on which a 16kV line was installed in parallel. Some of the old poles were replaced by new concrete poles or tubular steel poles some years before. Due to the intersection with a aerial cableway, the new line was planned partially with a underground cable section over a length of 1.4 km between S/S Ackersand an transition pole.

Braavos GmbH supported FMV SA with the planning of the cable route, designed the joint and pulling bays, dimensioned the HV-, MV- and communication-cables and prepared and organized the tender. In a middle section, three phases of the HV cable were installed in a common duct with a diameter of 200mm. The greatest challenge of this project was the cable pulling and installation due to the mountainous region, steep slopes and limited space. The cables were installed and commissioned in 2018.

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