65kV Bramois - Uvrier

The 65-kV-Line between the Bramois hydro power station and the Uvrier substation consisted of a conventional overhead line. The national grid operator Swissgrid planed to construct a new 400 kV overhead line in the region and as a compensation measure, the overhead line Bramois - Uvrier was to be undergrounded. Additionally, the reconstruction works at the Bramois power station were underway. The four old horizontal Pelton turbines from the year 1915 were replaced by two new vertical Pelton turbines of 16 MW each. The work was carried out while a part of the plant remained in operation.

In 2015, Braavos GmbH helped with line routing, dimensioning of the cables, mitigation regarding magnetic field exposure, and drawing of pulling and joint bays. In 2018/19, we prepared the technical specifications for the cable systems, organized the tender, carried out the evaluation and prepared the contract. The new cables were installed and commissioned in 2019.

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