65/16kV Vorziers

Submitted by daegerte on Wed, 04/12/2017 - 16:55

B-Valgrid SA c/o FMV SA plans to build a new 65/16 kV substation in the village of Vorziers in Martigny. This is designed as a two-storey building with cable cellar. In the lower floor, 10 cells are designed for 65 kV switchgear in indoor air insulated design. On the upper floor, a 16 kV switchgear is planned.

The project includes the supply, installation and commissioning of 1.1 km of 65 kV XLPE cables with 800mm2 Cu to connect five systems to existing cables. The cables are laid in conduits (HDPE ducts). The cable screens will be single-point bonded using cable shield surge arresters.

The project also includes the delivery and commissioning of 1.2 km of 16 kV XLPE cables with 240mm2 Cu to connect the new station Vorziers with the existing 65/16 kV transformers No 1 and 2. Two cables will be laid in parallel for each phase. The cables will also be laid in conduits. The MV cables will be solid-bonded on both sides.