oshee Albania

Submitted by daegerte on Sat, 04/22/2017 - 22:10

The electric power grid in the republic of Albania is in a bad state. For a couple of years now, the Government of Albania is executing the Power Recovery Project. The project is intended to improve reliability of supply and financial viability of the Albanian power sector and is funded by the World Bank.

The project consist of four components: short-term complementary power import support; upgrading distribution infrastructure, transmission meter/data center upgrade; and supporting power sector reforms and project implementation.

Upgrading the distribution infrastructure will support the Government of Albania and Distribution Company’s plan to reduce distribution losses, improve cash collection and increase reliability at the LV and MV level. One focus was the investment in the 6 to 20 kV medium voltage grid, mainly replacement, improvement and extension of power cable systems.

Braavos supported the Ministry of Energy of the Government of Albania as well as the Albanian Power Distribution Operator (oshee) as an independent cable specialist in the bid evaluation. We spent four days in Tirana, the capital of Albania, to talk with the minister of energy on multiple occupations, interview representatives from oshee, analyze the bids, review their preliminary evaluation report from oshee and visually inspect the product samples from the bidders. A key element was to give technical expertise to the engineers from oshee. One element was the analysis of differences between testing procedures according the standards IEC 60502-2 and HD 620 S2 in order to evaluate the validity of type and routine test reports and procedures.

This works resulted in a summary report with our analysis which was submitted to the World Bank together with the evaluation report from the grid operator.