110kV Ergatshausen - Tägerwilen

Submitted by daegerte on Tue, 04/04/2017 - 17:04

Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH operates the 110 kV network in Konstanz. A new 110 kV cable system was installed between the Weiherhof substation, Germany and the Tägerwilen substation, Switzerland in 2016. The existing 1.6-kilometer-long gas pressure cable system between the Weiherhof substation and the Ergatshausen substation is to be reconstructed, disposed of and replaced by a new cable system.

The tendered project involves the supply and installation of a 110 kV XLPE cable in the form of a three-core cable 3x300mm2 Cu to be installed in the existing steel pipe as a replacement for a gas pressure cable with 3x400 Al between the Ergatshausen substation and the Weiherhof substation in Konstanz.

An option is the dismantling of the existing approximately 0.9 km long gas pressure cable system of the same construction between the Ergatshausen substation and the cable transition tower 19 as well as the installation of a new three-core cable system in the existing steel pipe.