Braavos uses various sophisticated technical software tools for design and engineering



Braavos develops and distributes the software Cableizer used to specify and model energy cables and make electrical, mechanical and thermal calculations of cable systems.

The Cableizer team is constantly working on enhancing and improving the capabilities of the software.

  • Current rating of cables in air or buried in soil or ductbanks
  • Calculation of magnetic fields from multi-frequency systems
  • Soil temperature distribution due to heat sources and seasonal soil temperatures
  • Calculation of load factor and cyclic loading
  • Calculation of exact weight and metal contents
  • Short circuit calculations for all metallic parts
  • Cables crossing other cables or heat sources
Buried cablesSoil temperature
Cable preview in 3DCable preview in 2D



We use Autodesk AutoCAD to read, modify and produce technical drawings with a comprehensive set of drawing, editing, and annotation tools. Autodesk is a leader in 3D design, engineering and entertainment software.

We work on AutoCAD for Mac 2015 and 2016 as well as AutoCAD Windows 2016.

Civil works


Mathematical Calculations

Using Mathworks Matlab, PTC Mathcad, and MS Excel we develop small programs and calculation sheets to solve specific problems for high voltage systems.

  • Temperature of overhead lines acc. Kirn model
  • Dynamic heat distribution in 2D
  • Magnetic fields of energy lines in 3D
  • Cables installed in ventilated tunnels
  • Cables installed in riser poles
  • Cable pulling calculations and installation specifications
  • Cost estimation of high voltage systems and installations
  • Electrical distances in substations and overhead lines
  • and much more
Software tools Excel Software tools graphs
Software tools Matlab


Electromagnetic Fields

Low frequency electromagnetic field around powerlines, substations and transformers is quasistatic. It has a conservative component of the electric field caused by charges and eddy component of the magnetic field caused by currents. The calculation of electric and magnetic fields at the points located far from the source (charges and currents) is obtained with thin-wired approximation and by representation of conductors with linear segments with current distribution calculation. To calculate the fields we use different software tools.

We have a license of the multi-frequency electromagnetic field calculation program CHAMP by Dr. Prof. Pierre-André Chamorel. With this software we can calculate

  • the electrical fields of overhead lines
  • the magnetic fields of cables and overhead lines
  • corona noise emission of overhead lines
  • reduction of magnetic fields due to compensation wires

For cable lines, we use our own software Cableizer, which is based on the source-code from CHAMP.

Magnetic fields with cableizer


Finite Element Method (FEM)

For special problems we use various FEM software tools and work together with partners.

We may make you calculations based on the finite element method (FEM) such as steady and transient heat flow of buried cables using Simscale or LISA. We can calculate the electromagnetic fields using QuickField.

Plus we have good contacts at COMSOL Zurich for your challenging problems which require multi-physics FEM and for special fluid dynamics calculations we have other contact to ASCOMP Zurich with their software package TransAT.


Simscale - a revolutionary cloud-based CAE platform


LISA FEA - user-friendly finite element analysis packages with an integrated modeler, multi-threaded solver and graphical post-processor


QuickField - Electromagnetic, thermal and stress analysis


COMSOL Multiphysics - interactive environment for modeling and simulating scientific and engineering problems


TransAT - CFD & CMFD for conductive, convective and radiative heat transfer and flows


Admin & Project Management

For administration and project management we use a set of valuable and specialized software tools. Our aim is to be able to work flexible, efficient and safe. We prefer web-based solutions which gives us the freedom to work from site and have 24/7 access to data and functions.


Cronsync - web based time tracking, task management and accounting

G Suite

G Suite - Gmail, Docs, Drive, and Calendar for business
(previous Google Apps for Work)

Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office for Windows & Mac - Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Project

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure- Cloud-computing platform und services


Owncloud - open source, self-hosted file sync and share app platform