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SBB infrastructure operates, operates and develops three networks. More than 9,000 employees ensure a functioning rail, energy and telecom network every day.

The energy network consists of a 16.7 Hz power supply which feeds all the catenary overhead power lines through six hydroelectric power stations, six frequency converters connected to the 50 Hz grid, 66 substations and more than 3,000 kilometers of own high-voltage overhead and cable lines.

Construction of new railway tunnel Eppenberg

  • Organization of site power supply
  • Definition of earthing concepts and supervision of measures
  • Specification, submission, SAT of MV transformer stations

Cable rating calculations and design for the new 11/15/50/132 kV substation Mendrisio

  • Calculation of thermal rating of 20 cable systems
  • Calculation of 2 complex crossings of multiple systems
  • Specification of ducts, system arrangement and cable cross-section


Repower AG is an international energy company headquartered in Poschiavo (Graubünden, Switzerland). The company group has more than 100 years of history with more than 600 employees in Switzerland, Italy and Rumania.

Repower is active from production through trade to distribution and distribution across the entire power value chain. In Italy, she is also active in the gas business. She also develops solutions for the intelligent integration of energy systems in the "NewTech" area.

Reinforcement of 50/110kV electrical grid Landquart

  • Calculations of HV cable ratings for multiple systems
  • Technical support during authorization process
  • Technical support during tendering of HV cable systems


FMV SA is a cantonal company based in Sion in Valais (Switzerland). She is active in: production of electricity from hydropower, supra-regional distribution and marketing of electricity and has about 100 competent and motivated employees and generates annual sales of approx. CHF 165 million.

Undergrounding of 65/16kV lines Ackersand-Saas

  • Technical specifications, cable ratings, cable pulling calculations
  • Dimensioning and CAD of joint bays
  • Documentation and organization of tender for turn-key cable systems

Undergrounding of 65kV line Bramois-Uvrier

  • Technical specifications, cable ratings, cable pulling calculations
  • Dimensioning and CAD of joint bays
  • Support during authorization process

New 65/16kV substation Vorziers and connection to AIS 

  • Technical specifications, cable ratings, cable pulling calculations
  • Documentation and organization of tender for turn-key cable systems


The SIGNON Group has many years of international experience and offers comprehensive solutions in the fields of mobility, industry and information technology. Over 300 specialists are active at the locations in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

Signon is a member of the TÜV SÜD Group which provides high quality services in the areas of risk analysis, thermal process safety, explosion protection, electrostatics and chemical safety, and transportation. TÜV SÜD works intensively with various research centers and specialist associations.

Technical consultant for 50 Hz MV installations, site power supply and earthing concepts

  • Contract by Signon Rail as a team member of IG Rapid, the consortium for the planning and management of the new railway tunnel Eppenberg
  • Participation in tenders:
    • Neubau 110 kV S/S Zell/Ziller der APG
    • Neubau Brüttenertunnel der SBB
    • Umbau Furkatunnel der Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn

Stadtwerke Konstanz

The core business of Stadtwerke Konstanz GmbH, a company owned by the city of Constance, includes energy supply with electricity and gas. It is also very important for SWK to supply drinking water from Lake Constance, which meets the highest quality requirements. Their employees also create an attractive transport infrastructure with reliable local transport connections: city bus traffic and the Konstanz-Meersburg ferry service.

110 kV Cable system Weiherhof - Tägerwilen

  • Technical specifications, cable ratings, cable pulling calculations
  • Documentation and organization of tender for turn-key cable systems

110 kV Three-core cable systems Ergatshause - Weiherhof & Mast 19

  • Technical specifications, cable ratings, cable pulling calculations
  • Documentation and organization of tender for turn-key cable systems


ÅF is a leading international energy consulting company giving support in engineering and project services. With more than 1900 consultants worldwide, AF provides assistance to clients in more than 80 locations throughout Europe, Asia, Africa and Latin America.

With expertise in energy market analysis and all kinds of power generation, ÅF’s competence range from regulatory analysis to energy investment.

Framework contract for support in cable projects

  • Consulting of the city of Graun im Vintschgau (Italy)
  • Consulting for adaptation of the overhead line in Neunschwanz, Kadelburg (Germany) of the 110 kV Overhead line of the hydraulic power station Reckingen on the river of Rhein

Hitachi Zosen Inova

Hitachi Zosen INOVA is a global leader in energy from waste, acting as an engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contractor delivering complete turnkey plants and system solutions for energy recovery from waste. Their solutions are based on efficient and environmentally sound technology, are thoroughly tested, can be flexibly adapted to user requirements, and cover the entire plant life cycle.

HZI’s innovative and reliable waste and flue gas treatment solutions have been part of over 600 reference projects delivered since 1933.

Ferrybridge 2 Waste-to-Energy Power Station

  • Dimensioning of cables to transport 5000A at 11 kV between generator and generator circuit-breaker
  • Thermal rating calculations according to IEC 60287 using the software Cableizer
  • Optimization of ductbank layout, arrangement of ducts, estimation of losses
  • Dimensioning and layout of busbar in channel incl. specification of air ventilation for cooling to compare with cable solution


EWZ is one of the ten top-selling energy service companies in Switzerland and supplies electricity to the city of Zurich and parts of the canton of Graubünden. There are approximately 1,200 employees, including around 100 in Graubünden, and more than 223,000 customers. EWZ also serve public lighting and public clocks in the city of Zurich and trains about 40 apprentices each year in 13 different professions.

Technical study to investigation the effects of a possible introduction of low-impedance neutral earthing of the 150 kV grid of the city of Zurich.

  • Check possibility of using resistances or reactances and dimensioning of components
  • Analyse transient voltage peaks and calculate short-circuit currents (calculations made by NEPLAN)

Gemeinde Graun

The municipality of Graun im Vintschgau consists of the four communities of Graun, Reschen, Langtaufers and St. Valentin.

The church tower from the 14th century, which now stands out of the water, and now a widely visible and well-known landmark, is the only remaining structure of the old settlement of the Graun, flooded by the lake in 1950.

Consultation concerning 220 kV Interconnector Italy - Austra by Terna

  • Technical consultation of the municipality of Graun im Vintschtal
  • Dimensioning of cable, calculations of rating, magnetic fields and soil temperature distribution using Cableizer
  • Comparison of the route suggested by Terna with a variant over a new forest road.


British Solar Renewables delivers expert solutions to the renewable energy industry. They develop, design, plan, construct, operate & manage high quality projects in the UK & overseas.

Core business is solar PV having built in excess of 530 MW of ground mounted solar parks, including the four largest sites in the UK.

Cable rating calculations

  • Analysis of multiple DC cables in common duct. One case with 20 systems in one duct and another case with 30 systems in one duct.

Gemeinde Küssaberg

The municipality of Küssaberg was established 1973 by the merger of the villages of Dangstetten, Kadelburg with Ettikon, Kuesnach, Reckingen and Rheinheim. Bechtersbohl came to Küssaberg in 1975. Today Küssaberg counts about 5500 inhabitants.

Consulting for partial undergrounding in Kadelburg of the 110 kV Overhead line of the hydraulic power station Reckingen on the river of Rhein